Who is
Link Wray

Photo by Justin BeahmYou know something?  I could answer that question.  I believe I have a basic understanding of it and the ability to articulate it in some reasonably decipherable manner.  However, there are a number of compelling reasons that I should not to so: 
1.  I am indolent.  (It's true.  Everybody knows it.) 

2.  I don't have time.  (Well, I guess it is a matter of priorities.) 

3.  The Loathsome Web Page is not about Link Wray.  It's about me:  Marion Francis O'Shaughnessy, registered egomaniac.

4.  A lot of other people have already donethe work, so why should I reinvent the tortilla? 

So here is what I'm going to do:  I will provide a set of links below to pages on the World Wide Web where this question is addressed in one form or another and you can pursue them at your liesure and inclination.  Probably some of the links will go to pages that I have written, will write but it may be a while before I get around to that and I want to get my Link Wray tribute up and running now. 

So here you go:

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Link Wray Sound Samples -  (my own offering of MP3 samples of some of the Linkster's best!)

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Photo by Justin BeahmPhoto by Justin BeahmPhoto by Justin Beahm

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Link plays like the devil itself

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